I am the Master of the Scrum

Progress, not perfection
Progress, not perfection

In the world of agile software development, there is the SCRUM. The SCRUM can be thought of as the agile and quick meeting of the development team before the development begins. There’s a really great Wikipedia entry on how it works here.

When the team I was assigned to at Telegraph Academy required a scrum master, I signed up for it as soon as I read the description. The scrum master is not the boss, project manager or supervisor, but rather, the person on the team that enables and helps the team get the first iteration of a product completed quickly and efficiently. A little bit of project management, conflict resolution, programmer, and sixth man (or woman).

Choosing a Project

Most teams will come to the first planning meeting with thousands of ideas for applications, and will stay there for the next three days. A key to getting development of the ground is to agree on a theme in order to allow team members to find an idea that sparks our interest. I asked my team the following:

Imagine if we were all going to a MeetUp with the intention of making new friends. Us four individuals found ourselves sipping our drinks and talking. What would be the thing that would bind us together so that we would wanna stay talking and possibly meet again?

My team was lucky in that I enjoy watching UCLA football and basketball. College sports was my thing. From there, our project involved sports.


As scrum master, my team and I meet in the morning and are prepared to answer the following questions:

  1. What have I contributed to the project as of now?
  2. What can I contribute to the project in the next day

From there, I help solidify a two-day sprint for each team member to complete based on their responses. Here is what the sprints looked like after the first day:

Its happening
Its happening

Staying the Course

As the scrum master, I check in with my team to see how their sprints are coming and if needed, revert back progress. Slack is our best friend. I model best practices by updating progress on my sprint in the #sprint channel. When commits are ready, I Slack the team.

Git is our friend! But the contribution guide is probably more important than just Git itself. A general rule of thumb is to commit every 20-30 lines and use git rebase when pulls are needed.

The purpose of the scrum master is to keep the focus of the team on getting a product up and functional as quickly as possible and building more on top of that progress.

One thought on “I am the Master of the Scrum

  1. Suzanne K. Schaefer says:

    Waaaaay kuuuuuooool! thanks for teaching me about scrum and definitely all your experiences have prepared you 2b da scrum master!!!

    Keep up the fab work and thanks for sharing your learning!!!!

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