Enabling Linting before git commit

Linting can be annoying

I once worked on an app with a dev lead that required we have a linter checking our code before it rendered a view. I’ll be honest: it was annoying since I was pressed for time on deadlines. But the motive for putting a linter in front of our rendering was designed to make me code better.

But its needed!

I recently had a situation where I needed to set up dev environment and needed high quality code. I couldn’t use Jenkins to lint because this app couldn’t work with it (yes, they do exist). But I still needed a way to automate linting and not depend on my developers to manually do it. Enter precommit hook for linters

How to

Precommit hooks run before you type in a commit message. We are going to customize our precommit file to run a typescript linter before our code can be committed.

  1. Navigate to your project’s .git/hooks folder
  2. There should be several files like pre-commit.sample. This is the file where you will add the linter
  3. Add the following code to your pre-commit.sample file

echo "Linting Your Code:"
# Run tslint and get the output and return code
tslint=$(npm run tslint)
# If it didn't pass, announce it failed and print the output
if [ $ret_code != 0 ]; then
printf "\n${RED}tslint failed:${NC}"
echo "$tslint\n"
printf "${GREEN}tslint passed.${NC}\n"
exit 0
exit 1

4. Rename pre-commit.sample to pre-commit

Now when you type git commit, the linter will use tslint to lint your typescript files and report any linting errors BEFORE you commit your code!

Happy Coding!


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