A Note About Interviewing Me

If you like what I do and what you see, let’s have a chat about how I might fit into your team. But like I often say: “Let’s keep it funky now”.

I don’t have a CS degree nor did I have the opportunity to study and master the algorithms and data structures that all CS students learn in their first two years at a university.

That’s not to say that I don’t know of them or understand them. I can explain how binary search trees wear pants,


but writing an algorithm in a vacuum would be difficult for me. This will be evident if your interview process heavily relies on knowledge of these topics as a way of assessing the technical skills of a candidate.

I’m not here to say how you should assess a candidate because as someone once told me, You do you, girl. You do you. Some companies understand that the day-to-day responsibilities of the role they are hiring for require a working knowledge of foundational CS algorithms and data structures. If so, I’m glad your company has done a thorough audit of the software engineer hiring process and has come to that conclusion.

I’d rather not use your team’s time to come to the conclusion that I don’t have the technical knowledge needed for the role. I like to be honest and about admit what I don’t know.

As a self-taught software engineer, I’ve relied on jumping into unfamiliar languages and frameworks, reverse engineering a code base, and asking the right questions so that I am 100% on what the team needs to me to do. In consulting, I learned that understanding the “ask” is equally as important as finishing that Jira ticket.

If in reading this, you see that there is still a fit for me on the team, then reach out to me at dafabulousteach@gmail.com!

P.S – Kudos to you for reading this post to find out more about your candidate!

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