Hey, hey, hey, its Kim.

I work as a Technology Architecture Senior Analyst for Accenture. I analyze, prototype, decide and advise. Sorta like a guide for companies. But I wasn’t always an engineer. In fact, I taught history and computer science for grades 7-12. I taught for eight years in LA Unified and had a blast. You can read more about my journey here.

When I am not working or traveling for work, I like to scratch my dog Shakira (yes, that really is her name) until her ears go back like this:

Thats nice

I like BBQ, trivia, blues, social justice, and being la mas chingona. I advocate for women, blacks and Latinas in tech, and equal opportunity. Oh, and I am also married to this lovely lady


Not bad for a queer Latina software engineer from LA. One last thing,